Automated Benchmarking Tool

Georgia Power has developed the efficient and secure Automated Benchmarking Tool (ABT) to enable building owners and property managers to retrieve energy consumption data for upload to the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager. The tool will help you, from start to finish, aggregate your building’s usage data into a single virtual meter that can be used in Portfolio Manager to generate your benchmark score.

For buildings that have five or more tenants and for which no single account comprises over 50 percent of the building energy usage, energy usage data will be automatically aggregated. However, for buildings that have fewer than five tenants and for buildings where one account comprises over 50 percent of the building energy usage, you will need to download the consent form, get authorization from each of the tenants and submit the authorizations via the website. Consent forms must be reviewed and approved by Georgia Power prior to the release of aggregate building usage data.

Click here to download the consent form.

Already using the Georgia Power Automated Benchmarking Tool? Any time there are changes in tenant occupancy or account information, you must update the building profile in order to generate the most accurate benchmarking score and to keep the consent form up to date.

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